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Facts About South Georgia and the SS Islands

Facts about South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Facts About South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
GOVERNMENT: British Overseas Territory
CAPITAL: King Edward Point
SIZE: About 1,500 square miles
POPULATION: Approximately 30

Wikipedia Introduction to South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Article with information the history, geography, islands, island groups, climate, government, military, economy, flora, fauna, of South Georgia Island and the South Sandwich Islands.

BBC SG and SSI Profile
Article on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Web site with an overview of the islands, a collection of facts, leaders, and media.

World Fact Book SG and SSI Profile
Includes a generaL introduction to the islands and inforamtion about their geography, society, government, economy, transportation, military issues and transnational issues.

South Georgia Island: Paradise of Ice
Public Broadcasting System (PBS) special feature about South Georgia Island. Categories include Ice and Isolation, Island Insights, Classroom Resources, Trivia Challenge, a screen saver, and related resources.

South Georgia: Lost Whaling Station at the end of the World
Article about the whaling history and whaling stations on South Georgia Island. published on the BBC News Magazine Web site.

Argentine Invasion of South Georgia
Wikipedia article about the Battle of Grytviken, an incident on April 3, 1982 during which Argentina's naval forces seized control of the east coast of South Georgia Island.

South Georgia Rat Removal Campaign

About South Georgia and the SSI

South America Travel Guide

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