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Ice Skating Rinks in Mexico

Where to find ice skating rinks in Mexico.

Indoor Ice Rinks in Mexico

Fun Central Entertainment Center
- FunCentral Cuautitlan, Mexico State
- FunCentral Coacalco, Mexico State
- FunCentral Tecamac, Mexico State
(do all three locations have ice rinks?)

La Pista de Hielo San Jeronimo,
Ice rink located Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico. At one time La Pista was an ice rink chain with three rinks in Mexico City, one n Toluca, and one in Leon, and quite a few rinks in other parts of Mexico. Which La Pista rinks are still open?

Ice Complex
Monterrey, State of Nuevo Leon Mexico

Pista de Hielo Fundidaora
Santa Catarina, State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Largest Ice Skating Rinks in Mexico
- Zocalo Ice Rink (Mexico City, seasonal outdoor rink)
- La Pista Lomas Verdes (Mexico City)
- La Pista San Jeronimo (Mexico City)
- Ice Complex (Santa Catarina) Toros Monterrey Team

More Ice Rinks in Mexico
- Alpino Chipinque Sports Club Ice Rink (San Pedro Garza Garcia)
Ice Central Coacalco (Coacalco)
- Ice Central Cuautitlan (Cuautitlan Izcalli)
- Ice Complex Monterrey (Monterrey)
- Ice Dome Queretaro (Queretaro)
- Ice Planet Pista de Hielo (Coatzacoalcos)
- Monterrey Alpino Chipinque (Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon)
- Pericoapa Ice Skating Rink (Mexico City)
- Antarctic Ice and Sports Center (Culiacan)
- Ice Training Center (Monterrey)
- Ice and Sports Laguna Torreon (Coahuila)
- Iceland Pista de Hielo (Guadalajara)
- La Pista Gran Sur (Mexico City)
- La Pista Leon (Leon, Guanajuato)
- La Pista Merida (Merida)
- La Pista Metepec (Metepec) Metepec Tigers
- Pista Bosques (Mexico City)
- Pista Galerias Reforma Interskate (Mexico City)
- Pista La Noria (Puebla)
- Pista Pabellon Bosques (Cuajimalpa)
- Pista de Hielo Ice Park (Puebla)
- Pista de Hielo Manitoba (Ciudad Cuauhtemoc)
- Pista de Hielo Villaherosa (Villahermosa)
- Pista de Hielo de Las Americas (Ciudad Juarez)
- Pista de Hielos Galerias Reforma (Cuajimalpa) Club de Hockey Pumas
- Pista de4 Hielo Fun Central (Cuautitlan Izcalli)
- Pista la Funidora (Monterrey)

Outdoor Ice Rinks in Mexico

Outdoor Ice Rink in Mexico City
This 300 square foot ice rink is aout 20 times larger then an NHL ice hockey rink. I believe it is seasonal - only open during the winter holidays, and I'm not sure it is open every year. Here are some articles:
- 2007: Mexico City's Mega Skating Rink
- 2008: World's Largest Ice Rink, 2nd Year
- 2008: YouTube Video of Mexico city Skating Rink
- 2012: What Mexico City's Rink Says About Its Political Climate
- Largest Outdoor Skating Rink: Mexico City Set World Record

Culiacan Outdoor Ice Rink
During the 2009/2010 winter season this seasonal outdoor ice rink in Culiacan was open from December 15, 2009 through January 15, 2010.

Guadalajara Outdoor Ice Rink
During the 2011/2112 winter season this seasonal outdoor ice rink in Guadalajara was open from December 18, 2011 through January 16, 2012.

A NOTE FROM KATHIE: I have heard the cities of Guadalajara and Oaxaca also have huge seasonal outdoor ice skating rinks, but I have not been able to confirm that.

More about Ice Rinks in Mexico

Directories of Mexico Ice Skating Rinks
- Mexican Ice Hockey Federation: Ice Rinks in Mexico

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